CyberLogitec provides Business Consulting & IT solutions in Maritime, Port, Logistics industry. With years of experience and knowledge in the industry, CyberLogitec has worked with global top shipping lines and terminals to enhance worldwide business standards.

Maritime, Port and Logistics industry has experienced a rising importance in big data handling and application of IoT technology within the business. As business operations are tightly integrated across the industry, accurate and rapid data processing/management play a significant role in the application of IT technology. CyberLogitec is capable of optimizing business process through profound industry experience, professional business consulting and prepared IT capacity. With our expertise in business and technology, we provide an integrated platform ensuring total management of end-to-end operation within maritime, port, and logistics industry.

CyberLogitec is building a better world by challenging business and technology through our global networks in U.S., Europe, China, Singapore and Korea. Optimizing global business strategy, connecting international partners, maximizing operational productivity and customer profitability is our priority mission.

  • Company Name
    CyberLogitec Company Limited

  • Founded
    March, 2000

  • CEO
    Jang Rim Choi

  • Services
    IT Consulting, outsourcing, and software
    development for maritime logistics

  • Employees
    480 employees with 85% technology
    driven professionals

  • Certification
    ISO 9001
    CMMI Level 3
    ISO 20000-1
    ISO 27001

  • Headquarters
    16th Floor, Nuritkum Square R&D Tower, Worldcup-BukRo 396, Sangam-Dong,
    Mapo-Gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

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