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OPUS Yard at Bangkok ICD for
Hanjin Logistics

Hanjin Logistics Korea is a subsidiary of Hanjin Shipping that specializes in logistics and owns its branches and partners in major global logistics hubs in Asia, the Americas, and Europe. The company provides an efficient global SCM for customers. It is a global total logistics company that provides optimized logistics services to satisfy a customer’s various needs in logistics services.


[Services of Hanjin Logistics]

The company was operating an outdated system that was built in 2000, of which any improvement was impossible due to its intrinsic limitations. The old system was cluttered with excessive manual handling of too much data and too many documents, with a great quantity of shipment documents individually saved as e-mail or shipment data being manually entered. To address these issues, the company decided to revise and improve the existing UI and framework by coming up with a systematic management procedure and adopting examples of advanced application. And the company came to install Opus Yard of CyberLogitec at Bangkok ICD (Inland Container Depot) of Hanjin Logistics for the purpose of creating a yard management system that could actively respond to EDI linkage and automated input for import & export operation and the management of the complex and diversified Bangkok ICD.
OPUS Yard is a yard operating solution that enables collaboration through data sharing among yard operators like Hanjin Logistics, carriers, terminal, 3PL, and customs that use the yard, and other various interested parties in logistics. OPUS Yard is composed of Gate, Yard, CFS, Customs, and Trucking Operation. Working on the know-how from the previous projects such as Qingdao ODCY and Shanghai ODCY, our project with Hanjin Logistics aimed to integrate similar functions into unified management and upgrade the efficiency of maintenance by steering clear of data redundancy. Seven months were put into the successful installation of OPUS Yard.

OPUS Yard provides such functions as import & export management involving gate-in/out of container cargo that arrives into or departs from the yard, yard planning and monitoring for container management, management of sending and receiving of EDI documents to be traded with shipper, shipping company, customs, and terminal and management of various calculations, and system management.


[OPUS Yard Configuration for Bangkok ICD of Hanjin Logistics]

OPUS Yard enables accurate management of inventory and work plan through checking in and out of cargo on a real-time basis by providing powerful search and lookup as well as diversified reporting features. And with tariff-based shipping rates and cost management, the solution has improved customer service. Especially for outbound, the program has enhanced the reliability of operation through linkage with the booking data from shipping company. With the implement of OPUS Yard, the company now handles a larger amount of cargo traffic than it did previously, thus registering increased efficiency in yard operation. As this saves cost of yard operation, the company now expects considerable profit improvement.