Standardization and automation of work was adopted as a strategy to enhance operational efficiency, an important matter that all logistics companies are concerned about. The establishment of a Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) enables the execution of a standard procedure as well as the implementation of a specialized work procedure by client.

OPUS Forwarding also offers functions that are needed for management visibility, aimed at supporting customers in the realization of a RTE (Real-time Enterprise) in accordance with the rapidly-changing management environment. It supports the global office structure of logistics companies. It also supports data interface among various systems with the intention that logistics companies can build an efficient collaborative system with trade partners based on the EDI service, cargo tracking, and common module functions.


  • Introducing OPUS Logistics
    OPUS Logistics provides global freight forwarders with a deeply integrated solution, designed to organize and coordinate every aspect of freight forwarding business. Furthermore it is integrated with custom filing/shipper EDI, accounting & warehousing management solution.
  • Single Instance, Web-based System
    OPUS Logistics enable you to achieve single instance operation in web-based open architecture. With all the database sharing among every branches and capability for easy interface with other ERP system, operation performance will be maximized to greater efficiency.
  • Forwarding

    Integrated End to End Operation for more Streamlined Shipment

    Powered with forwarding capabilities tightly integrated across multiple enterprise-class modules, your global operations run as one cohesive unit. Your forwarding, origin, destination, intermediate vessel and flight requirements, brokerage, customs, invoicing and costing requirements can all be managed in one multilayered shipment form, eliminating the need for separate, time-consuming jobs, and delivering organization-wide transparency. Your customers will see a higher level of service as their data and buyer-supplier information can be shred throughout your operations, minimizing delays and potential for errors.

    Automation for Processes Efficiency

    OPUS Logistics will deliver the automation you need to save on time, money, and human resources. Its multifunctional applications give you integrated electronic manifesting between your global offices so you can break the repetitive cycle of re-entering information. Enter your data just once for all the shipping documentations, dramatically reduce errors, and significantly optimize processes. Integrated these with OPUS Logistics’s multi-language, multi-currency accounting and invoicing functions and your freight forwarding services will be managed in great success.

    SOP (Standard Operation Procedure) Management

    OPUS Logistics create specific workflow of shipments according to predefined work procedure templates and provide real-time operational status of customer orders.
  • Warehousing

    Comprehensive Warehouse Management

    OPUS Logistics is designed to optimize warehouse processes. Warehousing provides a comprehensive management system with complete visibility and inventory control for effective 3PL, 4PL to distribution logistics. Warehousing will reduce administrative costs, increases data accuracy by enabling single-file data entry, automate the rules for releasing jobs to your warehouse team in order of capacity and priority and lead to improve ‘delivered in full and on time’ statistics. Through integration with your transPortation and forwarding operations, Warehousing reduces the hassle of high data-entry volume and streamlines workflow by linking your warehouse operations to your partners, providers, and the worldwide supply chain.

Average Time Consumed on Custonms/Carrier Filing, Handling Volume, Account Closing Lead Time, Average time saved by eliminating manual doumentation

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