Recent rise of trade protection and economic recessions has created new challenges for the global economy. Maritime shipping industry as the centerpiece of global trade is striving to find new ways to adapt to the changing business environment. ALLEGRO is an integrated total solution for shipping liners with professional business knowledge and years of IT operation experience providing better competitiveness and shipping business insight.

  • INTEGRATION PROCESS ALLEGRO is an integrated operations solution that unifies, standardizes and systemizes all the business processes a container liner can undertake. Separates business processes can be standardized into one single system enabling integrated business on a global scale. Enhanced process management is realized through ALLEGRO’s data standardization and centralized control.


  • INTELLIGENT ALGORITHMIntelligent algorithm boosts productivity and prevents human errors by simplifying and reducing the business process. Processes such as container activity planning, booking auto-rating, automated manifest and special cargo validation are compacted into one easy, swift and streamlined business process that improves overall productivity as well as profitability.


  • TRANSPARENCY ALLEGRO improves data visibility and provides transparency of accumulated data across the system. Existing data is then analyzed to create valuable business information by understanding past records and forecasting future trends.
  • EXCEPTION MANAGEMENT Exceptions are managed within an integrated view that helps predict various exceptional situations in the supply chain such as Vessel Port Skip, Vessel Delay, Multi-B/L Amend and Long Staying Containers.


  • YIELD MANAGEMENT Data is analyzed through a sophisticated Cost and Revenue Management, enabling a decision making process that maximizes profits and minimizes costs by checking the Right Price and the Right Cargo from when a booking is created.
  • MORE VALUABLE BIG DATA ALLEGRO provides business insight of container liner operation by using Big Data accumulated from data exchange within systems of container liners and various external parties.
  • ADVANCED NETWORK CONTROL Using various simulation functions and visualized graphs, ALLEGRO provides a more competitive Network Design and new values to add on your business.
  • OPTIMUM IT SOLUTION ALLEGRO is an optimized shipping IT solution with customers’ guarantee in quality. By providing a stable operating environment and user-friendly interface that provides centralized business process, separation of large-scale online transaction and application of user-friendly UX Concept.

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