CARA (CArrier OrchestRA) is a single platform service that allows inclusive collaboration such as joint operation, slot swap and alliance between shipping liners. Each Carrier need to communicate with all the partner lines respectively for co-working. CARA enables shipping liners to share a variety of information from management of delicate cargo such as Out of Gauge or IMDG to settlement management. Joint shipping collaboration and liners that need to couple with other shipping partners can access this single platform for streamlined business process.


  • Providing integrated virtual operation functions as an operation platform for collaboration
  • Validate extracted IMDG information from e-mail and check segregration/packing instruction before approval.
  • Feedback to booking line and interface the information into own legacy via EDI
  • Recognizing extracted schedule information from e-mail and simulate from cost and service wise before interface information into own legacy via EDI
  • Validate extracted OOG information from e-mail and recognizing the detail of size and dimensions


Improving efficiency of handling informatiom and man x hour
Determine the loadability of cargos by pre-checking regulations and restrictions
Error-free communication through data validation
No system change is required
Further operational information to be added under VOPC service.

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