New challenges arise in global trade every day. Trade protection and economic recessions heightened maritime competition while mega-ships and decreasing freight rates has diminished profitability in the industry. Integrated shipping business, precise financial reporting, real-time analysis of operation is now a survival factor in the maritime shipping industry.

CyberLogitec provides efficient ITO services equipped with latest IT technology and cyber security measures allowing customers to focus on business strategy. With profound understanding of maritime operations, CyberLogitec business consultants optimizes information exchange and integrates shipping business providing total coverage of shipping operations.

OPUS Container is a solution that offers visibility in shipping operation as well as profit/cost management system of the entire container business. Our solution offers business analysis reports with user-friendly interface, allowing users to align business as one cohesive unit. Global shipping operations will be managed under a single umbrella where business is tightly integrated across the solution.


OPUS Container aims to innovate core processes focusing on supply chain management, cost optimization and better customer service

  • S&OP (Sales & Operation planning) process that interfaces sales forecast with sales
  • Empty container reposition system enabled by LP Optimizer®
  • Optimizing vessel space to maximize profitability through LP Optimizer®
  • Real-time sales performance system is integrated with standard costing systems
  • Key performance indexes & Reports are generated and delivered to management
    through re-constructed BI solutions such as SEM and BSC
  • Planning of transportation routes and booking can be managed real-time

“NYK began applying the OPUS system within our container division in April 2016. We have seen remarkable improvement in the speed and accuracy of forecasting profitability for each of our containers.”

By NYK Line President Tadaaki Naito (2016. 07)


“The various functions in this Liner Management System encompass the industry’s best practices which would greatly improve our operation efficiency, customer service and yield optimization.”

By PIL, Managing Director Mr. SS Teo

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