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CyberLogitec announced the implementation of OPUS D&D (Demurrage & Detention) in Yusen Logistics 2023-11-07

Nov 6, 2023 - CyberLogitec, the leading provider of maritime, port/terminal, and logistics operations technologies and a subsidiary of EUSU Holdings, announced in Nov 2023 that SaaS-based OPUS D&D (Demurrage & Detention) had been implemented in Yusen Logistics.


Yusen Logistics launched OPUS D&D service mainly in UK regions in April 2022, expanding the service to 19 countries, including the US, Europe, and China. Also, the expansion plan for the Southeast Asia region is scheduled. OPUS D&D has been introduced as per the needs of the independent system, which is capable of monitoring the Last Free Date before Free Time expiration and cost management in container DEM/DET.


OPUS D&D provides the management in container DEM/DET (Demurrage/Detention) for 3PL company. Most 3PL companies need help with cost management since DEM/DET cost is manually calculated. Systemic management in DEM/DET is complex because DEM/DET is calculated based on the information of complex charging structure in each shipping liner and region-wise and holiday. Moreover, it requires separate management for exceptions as, in many cases, free time is calculated by applying its freight contract condition for each shipping liner and shipper.


In collaboration with Yusen Logistics, one of the Top 20 3PL companies in the world, CyberLogitec developed and released OPUS D&D capable of interfacing with the 3PL Logistics system utilizing its own DEM/DET function, which is developed based on over 20 years of maritime business knowledge for container shipping. OPUS D&D provides container-wise Free time monitoring that interfaces with customers’ legacy operation system, advance confirmation of charge effective date, and calculation and verification of DEM/DET cost.


 “OPUS D&D is a stable, scalable, and efficient independent cloud-based solution that offers an easy interface to the legacy system. DEM/DET cost, as per port pileup and disruption in the logistics network, DEM/DET cost has been a major issue for shipping liners and 3PL companies. We expect that many logistics companies, including Yusen Logistics’ successful implementation of OPUS D&D, could meet the operating cost reduction and efficient DEM/DET management by OPUS D&D.”, said Sung Jun Kim, Vice President of CyberLogitec. 




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