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2 Ways to Improve Liner Service Quality

In a recent annual shipper satisfaction survey conducted by Drewry and the European Shippers’ Council (ESC) for 400 shippers and forwarders, it was revealed that shipper’s satisfaction with documentation accuracy scored 3.4 out of 5, but the quality of the customer service received only 2.9. The survey also reveals that carrier performance has deteriorated in the last two years, particularly in four key areas, i.e, range of available carriers, range of different available services, the price of service and the overall carrier service quality.

Shippers and forwarders are looking for service quality in relation to brand reputation and booking options. The idea of subpar documentation accuracy and an even poorer customer service indicates that delivery and performance within the industry hasn’t been up to mark.

To see an improvement in overall carrier service quality, organizational initiatives need to be in place to boost the service quality for the entire industry.

1. Embrace Technology

To support documentation and track-ability within the liner industry, it is highly important to ensure the accuracy of data that flows through the entire supply chain – from shipper, to haulier, to carrier to terminal and vice versa. There needs to be transparency in the movement of goods and data through the entire maritime shipping chain. In today’s context, where a wide range of shipping options and massive processes are concerned, the only way forward is through the adoption of technology that supports the core business processes in a fully integrated manner.

Given the huge amount of information involved, robust internal processes are required to ensure quick turnaround time for shippers and forwarders.

2. Embrace People

People are the backbone that supports the success of any organization. The empowerment and trust towards its employees makes a great difference in the level of motivation. Research shows that high employee job satisfaction gives rise to an intrinsic desire to perform well at work which in turn leads to a good service climate. By keeping people empowered, they too will become more productive.

To meet the demands of today’s customers, carrier performance has to up their game, and that involves fostering a holistic environment of people and technologies. The good news is that in the last few years the container shipping industry has starting picking up its game. We are on the cusp of exciting changes!