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Change is Here to Stay

The old paradigm of change was applying technology to automate simple processes and operations, but today’s wave of change has gone beyond that. It is now about leveraging on the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data to collect intelligent data generated by multiple processes, and support change management at a higher level.

Big Data is an integral part of ALLEGRO’s yield management process as it maximizes profitability by validating pricing, capacity and cargo type each time a booking is created. This allows for real time revenue management and improved business decision making. The adoption of the right technology is about understanding that change is inevitable in order for businesses to remain relevant.

One of the key factors of change, is about realizing new innovation can power businesses to be productive.

Having the Right Mindset

The truth is, no new technologies are without drawbacks. There is always a learning curve, and that unlearning of the old and relearning of new processes and systems. Understandably, legacy systems and old working habits are hard to let go, but to embrace new processes a flexible mentality must be adopted for organisations to stay relevant. Workers need to upgrade their skills and gain the confidence to thrive in such a competitive world. It is important not to succumb to fear but maintain an optimistic stance, keep up with the times and prepare for the inevitable disruption.

The maritime industry is not immune to the opportunity of technological advancements. In fact, companies should be leveraging on the downtime to take action now. Deep transformation is needed, starting with change management practices through to the adoption of new technological platforms to drive innovation and thrive, not just survive, in the global market of tomorrow.