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Cultivating a Global Mindset

In a global organization, companies view cultural and geographical diversities as opportunities to harness. Successful organizations like Nestle and Unilever, require a deep understanding of having a global mindset; being poised to adopt global business practices and accept diversified cultures. Organisations like them would be prepared to adopt successful best practices regardless of where they come from.

True alignment to being an international company occurs when they understand external market risks, cultural differences  and competition, and it is most recommended to get it right the first time.

Promote transparency: As an organization, starting conversations about challenges and solutions ultimately benefits the organization at a wider scale. It encourages the emergence of higher quality solutions and results as the team engages and gathers input to solve problems.

Stay focused: Organisations who desire to move to the next level must understand the requirements involved in shifting from mediocrity to becoming excellent. This campaign can only be achieved by the level of discipline the company maintains in its business in order for it to thrive and be sustainable in the long run.

Be the Activist: Change can start from the top guns within the organization but it can also start from the intrinsically motivated individual with a quest for adventure. By being pro-active in introducing best practices in communication, project management, human capital, and intercultural activities, change management can be slowly instilled, and this can lead to the rise in solving issues with higher quality of effort.

Work as one: More often than not, we see companies in different locations operate in silos and drive decisions independently. The end results are poor inter-site coordination, each with their own performance management objectives, and its own cultural nuances.

The ocean supply chain is a vast industry and it is obvious that it deals with international markets. At CyberLogitec, we understand that global growth has progressively become more important than before.

We inculcate within the organization, people who are inquisitive and motivated to explore different cultures and at the same time to be focused and sensitive to the global audience and their various needs.

We have always been directed by cultural empathy and are socially conscious of different working styles and diversities.

Forward thinking organisations will also be aware that internal factors such as gaining knowledge of local decision-making processes, intercultural empathy and its nuances when conducting business are also critical to being a global organization.  Businesses who embrace global mindsets and take actionable steps to embrace international business are at the right place and who will do well to set the standards in today’s landscape.