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Driving New Frontiers 1.0

The ocean container shipping industry is facing many issues, with weak demands and oversupply of slots. The truth is terminals can visualize a new era, restoring port productivity to the industry. To remain competitive, a good terminal operating system (TOS) should be optimized for the future as it grows with the business.

Smart planning

Under a single umbrella, a good TOS will be a well-connected platform with a single real-time visibility with solutions that come with clear 3D and 2D yard views to facilitate decision making. This gives rich graphical details within a single interface as terminal crew can quickly zoom in and out of the yard providing yard container information and vessel discharging activities thus elevating visibility.

Smart operations

To power a smart port into the future, having a global pooling system that is well-managed by an intelligent TOS eliminates the complexities of juggling the equipment manually. By managing its resources and equipment, it discharges its plan based on an intelligent algorithm that considers the Internal Terminal Vehicle (ITV) workload and the yard movement sequence in real time. By assigning the closest ITV to its targeted container, it maximizes operational efficiency as time and cost savings are key metrics for a productive port.