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Driving New Frontiers 2.0

Smart Business Goals

Within the terminal supply chain, there are many stakeholders involved in delivering end-to-end service to customers. In the world of larger ports and bigger ships, a flexible and modular-based TOS architecture understands that multi-terminal and mix-cargo terminal operations have different complexities, which means there isn’t a one-size-fits-all system. Whether deployed on premise or on the cloud, with plenty of features useful to cater to the needs of the multi-terminal or mix-cargo requirements, the operating system becomes an important part of powering the daily operations of the terminal.

Operational processes are fast becoming more complex and it is challenging us to take a hard look at the status quo of the maritime supply chain. It is therefore time to harness technologies to effectively unlock greater performance for the port and better service delivery for end customers. Smart ports can therefore visualize a new era, restoring port productivity to the industry