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Star Cluster Logistics Improves Operational Processes and Administration with OPUS Logistics

Star Cluster Logistics (SCL) is a freight forwarding company that specializes in moving cargo for Glovis, the house handling company for Hyundai Automotive. They chose OPUS Logistics because of its advanced functionality and to help them better manage the challenges of fluctuating cargo volumes.

All seven of their locations and 50 total employees use the OPUS Logistics solution through a private cloud for accounting, operations and administration. The system provides centralized access to their data that manages 98% of their operations, including P/L reports, balance sheets, and monthly / yearly profit reports.  Arrival notices, delivery orders, creation of bills of lading and per shipment profit reports are also taken care of by the system. They particularly like the fact that they can now have better visibility into their data with improved business performance reporting.

“If OPUS Logistics was taken away tomorrow, employees would most likely start to panic because they would not be able to print the documents necessary to process shipments.  I am pretty sure employees would still be able to do their jobs, but just not as fast, and there would probably be many more mistakes,” said Claire Won, Deputy General Manager of Accounting and Administration at Star Cluster Logistics, USA.  “It also helps us keep all our numbers accurate when pulling reports and it keeps us organized,” Claire continued “It is easier to keep track of the flow so definitely it helps us increase revenue and reduce costs.”

CyberLogitec’s support team is also a huge benefit for Star Cluster.  “If our company needs additions to the system, the CyberLogitec team is there for us.”

According to the results of the TechValidate/OPUS Logistics customer survey, Star Cluster Logistics said that they have seen an improvement of between 50% and 75% in the following business processes[1]:

  • Standardization and streamlining of shipment operations;
  • Customs/carrier filing per bill of lading and invoicing;
  • Sales management and account closing lead time;
  • Customer and interoffice communications;
  • Visibility into real-time status of customer orders;
  • Improved decision making from volume and performance reporting; and
  • Overall customer service.

[1] November 2018 OPUS Logistics Customer Survey by TechValidate.

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