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Values in ALLEGRO, all about the Liner Shipping (1)

It is not a day one solution but based on 20 + Years of business experience in H-co, and stepping up through the projects 2013 Heung-A / 2014 Kambara + Camellia + NYK / 2015 PIL / 2016 JAPAN 3 J/V ONE, we made functionalities upgrade even more and those are proved under various real liner shipping situations.

PLUS, up-to-date IT technologies and new design have been applied in order to retain more flexibility, higher performance,

By the result, CyberLogitec can provide a solution with LOW RISK & COST, SHORT PROJECT PERIOD and FEWER HUMAN RESOURCE.


ALLEGRO is providing 7 core values through a foundation of optimum IT solution for liner shipping business which are under various challenges internally and externally.3

1. ALLEGRO is integrated solution which is born from the multi-decades of business experience as well as proved mega projects with global carriers.


The standardized and the best practice embedded in ALLEGRO satisfies requirements in global business and local practices. Through the full set of global logistics service network information generated automatically by the system, /// users will work on an integrated working environments under standard process with a single instance while covering local practice simultaneously.

Integrated business process working on one database and one architecture design possible solution simplified, accurate, and reliable. The users who are using ALLEGRO to be connected with internal/external systems always with maximum flexibility also.

2. ALLEGRO has internalized the intelligent algorithm which has been empowered by field & project experiences.


The intelligent algorithm makes possible to generate automated container activity plan, precise cost estimation for evaluation profitability and automated processes itself. By the result, efficient working and prompt response to be guaranteed.

Sophisticated cost estimation, management exception through clear visibility, and comparing actual shipping activity against planned one are possible only based on the container activity plan generated per single container automatically which covers 67 activities grounded on shipping process algorithm.

In order to provide yield management fundamental which makes possible the real-time contribution margin calculation, ALLEGRO has cost estimation algorithm through utilizing contract tariff and average unit cost, based on the automated container activity plan.

In addition, ALLEGRO has numerous functionalities which have intelligent algorithm embedded like special cargo control through dedicated validation engine, joint operation settlement which has automatic settlement calculation for partner lines who are under various contract terms and conditions.

3. Transparency which is providing world class profit management maximized cost governance, and end to end supply chain visibility.


Through the clear profit visibility, agile response to dynamic business environment together with all organizations is possible.

Profit visibility is available from the bottom when creating booking by real-time contribution margin calculation to top estimating weekly operation profit for management. ALLEGRO’s cost governance in invoice validation provides crystal clear cost management based on JO, and contract tariff.

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In addition, supply chain visibility in terms of customers’ perspective is available through the plan based execution, tracking, and communication through e-Commerce portal.

To be continued …

Edited by Kwang-Yong Jung, Business Consultant, CyberLogitec