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Values in ALLEGRO, all about the Liner Shipping (2)

It is continued post from posting ‘Values in ALLEGRO, all about the Liner Shipping (1)’

The 4th core value that ALLEGRO can provide is exception management which will be a key element to help optimize the liner shipping industry.


As ALLEGRO works under integrated and inter-linked business process, efficient handling exceptions are critical not only for the process flow itself but also for guarantee accuracy of information. Therefore, ALLEGRO has been designed to recognize various exceptions occurred in shipping processes, to notify automatically, to support recovery, and to monitor the final result.

Again, sophisticated container activity plan makes possible mentioned exception management from the point of receiving booking until delivering cargo at the destination including customs hold, management contract, control special cargo, communication by EDI, changing vessels, revising schedule/network, changing of destination.

Furthermore, automatic alert and email functionality in customs hold, long staying container, a port omission are very supportive features for communication internally/externally 24/7, minimizing cost like demurrage, maximizing equipment turn-time, providing the high level of customer service even.

Just letting ALLEGRO send the right message to the right person at the right time.

The 5th core value in ALLEGRO is yield management for right cargo at the right price. All of the trade management processes pricing, planning, targeting sales quota, space controlling, booking monitoring are included in ALLEGRO.


Instead of relying on sales rep’s capability, the system should provide features for a strategic approach in trade management level from planning sales target, allocating quota, and analyzing performance in the end.

As ALLEGRO provides unified profitability standard ground based on detailed container activity plan and proved algorithm for cost estimation, it leverages proper decision making the top to bottom in terms of quantitative profit and loss result.

When negotiating with shipper based on profitable cargo deciding pricing policy for profit planning sales target for maximum op by office controlling space dynamically from profit perspective booking under optimum service network route

ALLEGRO will stand out the real value.

The 6th core value in ALLEGRO is coming from accumulated data inside of ALLEGRO itself.

Under the required supporting decision making in various processes, ALLEGRO is able to utilize the full potential of value in data constantly.


Data generated from front operation level makes simulation possible for proforma schedule port tariff estimation agent commission impact service profitability/freight by route and contribution margin in real-time.

More importantly, depending on the required responses to dynamic market situations and management consequent, multi-dimensions basis performance analytic would be the key fact for BI tool.

ALLEGRO will support it.

ALLEGRO provides 4 weeks of equipment forecasting based on historical performance and estimated booking and simulate empty repositioning in terms of equipment inventory for empty planning as well as a guideline.

To be continued …

Edited by Kwang-Yong Jung, Business Consultant, CyberLogitec