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Values in ALLEGRO, all about the Liner Shipping (3)

It is continued post from posting ‘Values in ALLEGRO, all about the Liner Shipping (2)’

The 7th core value in ALLEGRO is about network

 control which is getting more important even in
 accordance with the extended cooperation with
partner lines, and diversified hub ports for efficient


ALLEGRO’s service network management provides maximum combination of service and controllability not only with the inland node & link but also with the ocean node & link, and ALLEGRO supports users in selection optimum network through provided information in terms of cost, # of transshipment, transit time, And space control, commodity & port regulation, eq type, to be added under the name of constraint.

The service networks which are being generated automatically in the combination of inland transportation, feeder contract, and trunk service, could be used in real-time when creating booking depends on the schedule and space availability.

It could be used for negotiation contract with customers even.

As it is highlighted in the simulation with an intelligent algorithm, ocean link, and route to be designed, planned, and actualized under simulation precisely.

ALLEGRO will have users are understanding the trade-off relationship between service vs cost which is based on regression analysis from historical data like fuel consumption.

Last but not least, Optimized system architecture
with stable performances has been validated & guaranteed
for any scale of liner shipping business.


And ALLEGRO has the mechanism that enables a flexible response to the biz environment through user-friend UX concept.

Also, through the open architecture based H-platform which ensures quick development under standardized environment, easy maintenance, ALLEGRO has been renovated from ITO perspective.

ALLEGRO has segregated system architecture online batch and system batch for the stability of the system. Plus, one server & one database logically & physically makes possible real-time sync without replication batch process.

In order to support, integrated & globalized business process, ALLEGRO supports unified core data under master data for the customer, commodity, location, partner, account, asset code.

ALLEGRO provides various features for improved users including Any browser and device without active-X, Cognitive program access through the structured menu and frequent menu function, UI under UX consulting for intuitive, proactive, configurable approach.

Through included 80 configurable items, quick business response to minimizing program change is achieved.

Edited by Kwang-Yong Jung, Business Consultant, CyberLogitec