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CyberLogitec’s Bulk Shipping Solutions are now better with CyberLogitec Distance


Seoul, South Korea– Aug 26, 2016 – CyberLogitec Co., Ltd., announced the launching of CyberLogitec Distance service within OPUS Bulk and MAnGO. OPUS Bulk helps plan, charter, perform and evaluate bulk businesses whereas MAnGO provides features such as bulk order management and profitability assessment. The newly upgraded MAnGO solution is now available for free at CyberLogitec’s homepage (www.cyberlogitec.com).

CyberLogitec Distance’s foremost feature is that it offers port distances at cartographic accuracy to charterers, cargo owners and voyage operators. This allows more precise fuel calculation, efficient voyage planning and eventually to better visibility in profitability. Additionally, access to real-time port information and satellite images to adjacent facility help users to gain a better understanding of their shipping environment.

On Sept 05, CyberLogitec plans to showcase their CyberLogitec Distance service at SMM-Hamburg, the world’s leading maritime trade fair. Customers who visit CyberLogitec’s booth will be provided first-hand experience on the latest editions of OPUS Bulk, OPUS Vessel and CyberLogitec Distance service.

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About CyberLogitec

A company specialized in IT for shipping, port, and logistics, CyberLogitec Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Seoul and has a worldwide network of operation that comprises Europe and Japan with local affiliates in North America, China, and Spain. The company provides world-class IT solutions and advanced systems with a view to supporting its customers’ global business and delivering consistent IT outsourcing services in the areas of shipping and logistics. For detailed information on CyberLogitec’s key products and services, please check our website (www.cyberlogitec.com).