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How are Container Liners Communicating each other​?

Communication is a fundamental element when keeping cooperation between container liners as various data have to be exchanged between carriers. (Please refer to the article ‘Cooperation’ to ‘Collaboration’ in Container Liners Business for details)


It is related not only whether each carrier has EDI capabilities but also being affected by the structure of partnerships which keeps evolving from bilateral agreement to multi players joint operation or alliance scheme.

More over, the dynamics of partnering is more complex than what we are estimating as we have seen in the shipping market. By the result, it is unavoidable the ‘Multi Carriers x Multi Communications‘ which cause unnecessary duplicated communications even same contents as much as the numbers of partner line.


If there is a common platform service which can coordinate and harmonize said communications through ‘Muti Carriers x One Communication‘, the efficiencies required in cooperation between lines should be increased.

We are estimating the possibility of the role of the Platform service which supports the cooperation and collaboration as an enabler. ‘Multi Carriers x On OperationPlatform‘ is not just useful to the current partners but expandable to the outside or new comers to promote more opportunities.


In our analysis, the method of communication is moving step by step into EDI era as a part of digitization although it involves investment as well as a consensus between senders and receivers. However, as an intermediate method, communication via CARA would be a good option regarding minimized investment while guaranteeing the flexibility no matter who would be partner line.


Edited by Kwang-Yong Jung, Business Consultant, CyberLogitec