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In Conversation with Mr Youn-Keun Lee, Managing Director, CyberLogitec Global Pte Ltd

CyberLogitec Global celebrates its first year of market presence in Singapore as CyberLogitec’s sales and marketing operation for the maritime, terminal and logistics industry. Singapore is the natural choice because it is internationally recognized as a leading maritime nation. Today, CyberLogitec Global operates independently from CyberLogitec group, focusing on increasing its global business presence, by fostering relationships with our international network of customers and partners.

Mr YK Lee, Managing Director of CyberLogitec Global has more than 34 years of experience in the shipping industry. Starting out at Hanjin Shipping, he went on to implement and drive turnaround strategies to achieve organizational efficiencies for the company. In 2003, he was appointed the Managing Director of Hanjin Shipping, UK Branch in London and was recognised for his significant contribution. He was subsequently promoted to be Group Head, European trade marketing and customer relations in HQ, Seoul. Then in 2016, he stepped up to be the Executive Advisor to the Board of CyberLogitec before being appointed Managing Director. With his rich experience in the maritime industry, YK has built an extensive network of key-opinion leaders and high-ranking executives in the shipping and terminal space.

  1. What excites you about CyberLogitec Global and what has the company achieved since it first opened its doors?

    Since its inception, CyberLogitec Global has achieved a few noteworthy milestones. The recent achievement that we are most proud of, is the selection of our ALLEGRO Integrated Liner Management Solution by NileDutch. ALLEGRO integrates key business processes spanning the entire container liner shipping operation, in real-time and anywhere in the world.

    The Singapore team has expanded to 14 employees, working in three key areas: Sales, Marketing, and Business Consulting. In each business unit, our colleagues are armed with years of experience in the industry. And we are still growing!

    We have been participating in global events and speaking opportunities, making our mark in our market. Through these events, we are establishing new networks and building new leads. We also recently came onboard as a member of the Singapore Shipping Association and we are excited about their lineup of activities that push the maritime industry forward.

  2. Having taken over the helm as Managing Director of CyberLogitec Global, what are your immediate priorities?

    My first priority is to strengthen the leadership position of our company and our strong suite of products for the industry. As a market leader in the maritime and terminal industry, we are building new capabilities to remain relevant and competitive in the face of market challenges. Through synergies across our business units, we need to reinvent ourselves by looking at new capabilities and new business models to deliver the best solutions for the liner and terminal industry. At the same time, we are increasing our sales and marketing activities, establishing our online presence and taking advantage of networking opportunities.Our people are our key assets and we are investing time to upskill and develop them so that they reach their full potential in their specialized fields. I firmly believe that a highly-skilled and empowered workforce will propel CyberLogitec towards better productivity and ultimately greater success for our clients.

  3. The industry is moving very rapidly, what are your long-term strategies to build a strong future for the company?

    There was a time when shipping companies used a pen and paper to operate the terminals. Today, they heavily rely on IT solutions to drive their operational processes. They have to be faster and better than their competitors in order to stay ahead of the game. At CyberLogitec, we understand the challenges of our customers. We are committed to help them be operationally efficient and save time and money.Our key strengths are in our strong competencies in IT execution and business consultancy. With a diversified business group, we see it as an opportunity to entrench our leadership position and deliver our solutions well. We have to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the competition, providing added value as part of our core business deliverables.

    As our territories and sales expertise grow, so will our product line-up expand to reach out to the logistics industry as well. We continue to broaden our product range and add new and well-designed capabilities beyond our flagship products to meet the needs of the ever-changing market.

  4. CyberLogitec Global is made up of an international team, coming from all around the globe. How do you create a company culture that can embrace the different international and cultural variances?

    I believe that innovation and open dialogues are important in the success of every organization. I always encourage my team to be creative in trying new things and be willing to execute them with proper planning. More heads are always better than one. Between my team and I, we have vast experience and extensive business networks. As we tap each other’s strengths to collaborate, we can push forward to achieve greater results.

    One of the keys to avoid misunderstandings is to communicate frequently. Through our sharing and as we rub shoulders with one another, I believe we can build a stronger team and bridge any cultural gaps over time.I have also facilitated opportunities for open dialogues in our Friday casual get-together. We use the time to catch up on what we have on our plates and our team contributes with ideas to tackle the situation. If they face roadblocks in their projects, my door is always open for them to sit down and have a chat and we strategise on how to re-approach the challenge with fresh eyes.

  5. You have made Singapore home since you arrived. What do you love about Singapore? Singapore is also known as a food paradise, so what would be your favourite food?

    It has been about 4 months since I started living in Singapore. I must say I enjoy discovering new places and sights that Singapore has to offer. When my wife first stepped foot into Singapore, she was impressed at how Singapore truly is a ‘garden city’, because it is clean and beautiful. This country really lives up to its name.

    In the course of my interaction with the local statutory boards for the maritime and shipping industry in Singapore, I’ve grown to respect the heartbeat of the organization because of their commitment and dedication to build a strong maritime and shipping hub for this country.

    I also truly believe that the best places to find good food is where the locals frequent. I enjoy going to the hawker centres because they are the most authentic places you can find local food. I get a wide selection of food to savour. In particular, I enjoy bak kut teh, and I never say no to good seafood and dim sums!