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Interview with Beom-chu Lee, head of Technology Innovation Division

If you tell us briefly about yourself.

I am Beom-chu Lee, Head of Technology Innovation Division (TID). Before I joined CyberLogitec, I worked with System Strategy Department of Hanjin Shipping, where I handled IT planning, project management, review of application of new technology and so on. When CyberLogitec was created, I managed its technology institute. And I participated in PI(Process Innovation) project and Alps project at Hanjin Shipping before I served as Services Division Director. For last two years, I worked for two years for Hanjin Shipping, designing and setting up the system as IT Planning Team Manager, which is equivalent to its CIO, and recently I returned to CyberLogitec.

Currently working with TID, I am in charge of managing the quality of companywide solutions and companywide fundamental technologies. And I am responsible for managing a complete lineup from software standard to infrastructure building.

Any memorable project or job?

I have spent 16 out of all my 24 years at work participating in projects. I update my resume every two years, and I see that including last year, I have carried out 30 IT projects in all. While all projects have been rich with different experiences and rewarding in their own way, I particularly remember my involvement in the creation of technology institute for CyberLogitec, when the company was created as a spinoff from Hanjin Shipping.

Then, as a head researcher, I taught the entire company staff new technologies such as CBD (Component Based Development), UML, and Data modeling and built the foundation of the company technology with that. And those technology institute employees I worked with in those days are now performing with excellent results in key positions of CyberLogitec.

With the technology developed at the institute, we were able to carry out the PI project of Hanjin Shipping and ALPS project consecutively. Such technological foundation has continued up until now through continued R&D efforts, thus creating the basis for OPUS Container, the solution for container shipping companies.

If you describe Techonlogy Innovation Division.

TID is charged with the task of establishing companywide quality and companywide technology standards.

As for companywide quality, we are working to upgrade quality in the two categories of process and products. Especially for process quality, we have acquired certification for ISO 9001, CMMI, and ISO 27001. For product quality improvement, we are working through conducting customer satisfaction survey and reviewing customer feedback.

As for companywide technology standard, we are working to establish software architect’s standards and create infrastructure (for technical architects).

Technology Innovation
Technology Innovation

What are the latest IT market status and issues, and what directions do you see for the development of the market?

The biggest issues in latest IT are big data and IoT, or IoE for Internet of Everything. Judging from their current status, these things have gone beyond just a technological level to become a trend.

When we try to forecast market in IT, we use the Hype Cycle. The concept refers to how a technological concept emerges into the market and develops and then declines for reasons of worsening profitability and insufficient related technology before it gets to secure stable growth.

Hype Cycle
Gartner Hype Cycle” by Jeremykemp at English Wikipedia. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

Big data and IoT are currently in the introduction phase on the Hype Cycle and are expected to register severe fluctuations for next couple of years. Five more years will have to pass to be reassured of their stable growth, but since they are hot in the market, people are putting out feelers.

The core capability of CyberLogitec consists of business know-how, or knowledge capacity. While CyberLogitec may appear to be a technology-centered firm, I think that the company is creating business out of the technology that realizes through tapping into business knowledge. Therefore, I think that it is more important for us to translate business skills into appropriate IT skills than to take up challenges in spearheading the adoption of new IT skills.

How are you dealing with market issues?

IT skills market is dominated by big vendors. As data processed in IT gets bigger and bigger, the market is ruled by platform vendors and communications & network companies that have to handle it in between. It’s because signals generated with various IT devices and equipment cannot but be received through networks or communication lines. Thus, data refined through intermediate platforms is realized into business. And CyberLogitec is working hard to combine business and IT know-how by tapping into the data owned by its customers.

Technology Innovation
Technology Innovation

What directions do you see in operating TID?

We want to base the operation of our division on three key words: basics, communication, and global standard.

First, keep to basics. While we do the basics, we have to go from there to explore changes. This constitutes an important task designed to provide our current customers with stable services, and we want to upgrade our services based on such stable services.

To keep to basics, we must demonstrate sincerity. Sincerity is an abstract notion, and Principle-Centered Leadership by Stephen Covey defines it like this. Sincerity refers to “the agreement between habits and values, speech and action, and expressions and feelings”.

Second, it’s effective communication. To quote Stephen Covey again, Communication refers to “the ability to deeply understand other people and be understood by them.” When talking with or consulting customers about tasks, our staff wants to have to ability to be understood by customers by understanding them first.

Third, it’s global standard. It means that CyberLogitec wants to be a leader in different business solutions. For instance, the company aims to be recognized as a global standard for business solutions just like SAP or Oracle for ERP solutions. And we believe that it is more important to position ourselves in the global market as a first mover in knowledge industry that creates added value than to merely sell products.