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ESG Management

ESG Management Policy

CyberLogitec is committed to sustainable growth through ESG management.
CyberLogitec evaluates and implements what may be done to build a more sustainable tomorrow.
We define particular Environmental, Social, and Governance goals
and seek to attain them by implementing sustainability-related principles and systems with the purpose of producing sustainable values.

Environmental Management Policy

CyberLogitec views the environment as a key aspect in its business activities. We consistently support the following
measures to contribute to the preservation of the global environment and sustainable social development in order to pass on a clean earth to future generations.

  • icon 01 We prioritize environmental preservation over economic feasibility and managerial efficiency when making business decisions.
  • icon 02 We use resources and energy effectively and seek to reduce pollution emissions.
  • icon 03 We rigorously adhere to environmental agreements and laws, and we strive to consistently enhance our environmental performance.
  • icon 04 We realize the importance of the global environment and respond to internal and external eco-friendly requirements from customers and governments.
  • icon 05 All executives and employees must voluntarily participate in energy consumption reduction, resource conservation, and recycling initiatives during corporate activities to improve the global environment.


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