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Container Shipping Liner Solution
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ALLEGRO is the solution for integrated shipping operations that supports digital transformation, including adopting the latest operation, system and process in line with the increasing competitiveness of service and dynamically changing global environment for shipping liners. ALLEGRO is an integrated liner management solution qualified by a global shipping liner, and it guarantees customization stability with web-based open architecture. It is designed to efficiently utilize container liners’ resources and assets and optimize cargo profitability management.

The complete business processes of container liners can be carried out with ALLEGRO’s support in global job standards through unification, standardization, and systematization. It offers intensive process management through the centralized control system. With ALLEGRO you can expect increased work convenience and efficiency through an intensive web-compatible operation environment and user-friendly interface. With the provided various simulation and reporting functions, you can see the cost and sailing status at a single glance.

Experience Positive Outcomes

  • Optimized & Integrated Process

    Global standard tasks can be carried out by integrating various types of work processes into a standardized system.

    Offers Intensive Process Management through data standardization and centralized control.

  • Transparency & Visibility

    Enhanced data visibility provides quick and flexible responses in a dynamic business environment.

  • Ease of Use with Intuitive UX/UI

    Applied next-generation web standard offers the ability to run on various browsers.

    User-centered intuitive UI/UX offers work efficiencies.

  • Yield

    A sophisticated cost and revenue management regime facilitates the right cargo shipping for the right price via the optimum route for every booking made. Benefits in profitability for shipping liners through the Cost-based Dynamics Pricing Service.

  • Advanced & Automated System

    Maximize work efficiency by work process simplification.

  • Meaningful Business Insight

    Various simulation functions and analysis reports offer business insight which helps decision-making and prediction of the future trend.

  • Strong Governance

    Actualize improved cost management through Auto-verification.

  • Operate with Agility

    Enhance business visibility and competitive power by simplifying the core work process.


Capabilities and Features

  • Big Data Analytics

    Supports multi-dimensional analysis and decision-making through valuable data that is captured and processed.

  • Exception Management

    Exceptions like Cargo Rollover and Vessel Port Omissions are managed with integrated views, which facilitate monitoring & recovery from exceptional situations in the supply chain.

  • Yield Management

    At the same time as the booking is accepted, it offers the optimal route and schedules considering the cargo type through the detailed cost/profitability management process. Improving Liner’s profitability through Cost-based Dynamics Pricing Service (Estimated cost based fare).

  • Advanced Network Control

    Offers competitive network design through various simulation functions and visualized graphs. Transportation plans are optimized by combining information on inland and ocean routes with network constraints to deliver a balanced combination of service and controllability.

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