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Multi-purpose Terminal Operation System
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OPUS Terminal M is an advanced terminal operating system for multipurpose terminals. (Container, General Cargo, RORO, etc). OPUS Terminal M is an applicable terminal system for the container, RORO and Bulk, and it is a terminal operation solution applicable for Multipurpose terminals that process the various types of cargo in a single system.

With the continuous increase in marine transportation, the number of multipurpose terminals is increasing. OPUS Terminal M is the applicable system for multipurpose terminals.

Process various types of cargo in a single system and a web-based system that can be used on a cloud server for multiple terminals, which gives the benefits of cost reduction in initial IT investment and operation cost. The functions of OPUS Terminal, such as Container Yard Assigning Rule, and Advanced Vessel Plan, which have been proven its value in many terminals in the world, have been applied.

Experience Positive Outcomes

  • Efficient Terminal Operation

    Efficient Terminal operation can be executed with a single system processing capability for various types of cargo such as container, bulk, RORO, etc. Various terminal operation processes can be flexibly applied.

  • Efficient Integration

    Support the successful integration with equipment automation system for shipping liner, port authority, trucking company, and terminal. Offers various interface methods and standardized API.

  • IT Cost Reduction

    Offers a subscription service by cloud-based web system. Expected cost reduction of server purchase and maintenance cost in Terminal (If requested, possible to apply server-based web system).


Capabilities and Features

  • Flexibility of Business Process

    Various business processes can be applied considering terminal operation type-wise unique business process and special circumstances in each terminal.

  • Advanced Container Vessel Planning and Yard Assigning

    Automated container vessel planning that applies user-configurable patterns and yard assignment plan function increases operation efficiency, including container planning time minimization and operation using real-time data, can be achieved.

  • 3D Graphic Terminal View

    Offers Cargo status in the yard, approaching status of Vessel, and real-time location of cranes and trucks through the 3D graphic view (In case of lack of real-time location transmission/reception, the last working location of cranes and trucks are possible to check).

  • Cloud based Responsive Web System

    The screen synchronization required for each function has been implemented based on events through a responsive web system reflecting the latest trend. It can be used on PC, tablets, etc., that run Internet browser (Chrome recommended) without extra purchase to use the system.

Video Highlights

  • An advanced TOS for multi-purpose terminals

  • High-performance multi-purpose TOS for today's smart ports

  • Optimizing terminal operating system to simplify complexities

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