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Digital Twin and Data Analysis Platform
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The recent trend of terminal operations is targeted interworking operation between various terminal equipment such as Terminal Operation System(TOS), Gate, External Trucks, Yard Trucks, Yard Cranes, and Quay Cranes for its efficient operation and safety.

OPUS DigiPort provides 2D & 3D virtual terminal systems based on IoT platform. It offers efficient capability in the terminal operation process by 3D monitoring in real-time operation status based on collected equipment operation data from various equipment in a terminal. Furthermore, it supports rapid decision-making and efficient operation with the offered view of equipment operation and real-time terminal operation KPI based on collected data.

As per the efficient interworking between terminal data and rapidly progressing AI technology, it is possible to make an efficient allocation of equipment and manpower based on digital twin through offered simulation and prediction.

Experience Positive Outcomes

  • High Productivity

    Increase overall productivity in the terminal by reducing waiting time on equipment such as ITV, Crane, etc., and decrease overall operation errors and waste in resources, including manpower for monitoring and issue tracking in terminal operation.

  • Efficient Integration

    Provides the base that can facilitate integration and interworking with all terminal, 3rd party systems, and services systems.

  • Safety

    Reduce the risk of mortality events by the decrease in manpower for work supervisors and monitoring, which is required in the terminal operation. Prevent accidents through the alarm function for abnormal work conditions.

  • Ready to Various degree of Automation

    Provides a solution that optimizes customers’ ROI through the various automation support options from full automation to partial automation.

  • Ready to AI Service

    Provides support to obtain higher productivity by creating the base for effective refining and utilizing the generated data from the customer.


Capabilities and Features

  • Virtual Terminal

    Support the verifying information and real-time monitoring on containers and terminal equipment such as Vessel, Gate, QC, Yard crane, ITV, and OTR by interworking with TOS, IoT platform, and Gate System.

  • Auto Hand-off

    Reduce the waiting time and increase the efficiency through auto recognition at yard block and work waiting station and transferring its data.

  • Real Time KPI/AMS/ Enterprise Report

    Provides dashboard including information on Vessel, Gate, QC, ARMC, ITV, real-time block occupancy rate, productivity, and container transfer equipment by analyzing the collected data from Terminal Operation System(TOS), IoT platform, and Gate system. It can be helpful as a decision-making index for efficient terminal operation.

  • Operation Simulation

    Before the actual terminal operation, provides the virtual terminal where it simulates terminal operation in the same yard condition utilizing received job information from TOS. Supports the creation of an optimal work plan by using various variables.

  • Operation Prediction
    (AI Service)

    Provides AI-based Gate prediction, Equipment In&Out Optimization, and Yard Inventory prediction service by effectively processing and refining the data accumulated through DigiPort’s data center. Acts as the role of an interworking platform for 3rd party AI modules.

Video Highlights

  • A guide to operate terminal business safely

  • Raising visibility for effective terminal operations

  • CLT terminal automation system

  • Optimizing terminal operating system to simplify complexities


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