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opus container
Container Liner Operation Solution

OPUS Container is a maritime container solution that offers efficient management by integrating the entire business in container operations. From shipment booking to its safe arrival at the customer’s destination, it can perform systematic process management through centralized control, which meets global standard work methods and processes.

OPUS Container enhances business operation visibility by the data-wise analyzed report, supports the operation focused on profitability, and maximizes the efficiency in container business operation by user-centered convenient UI/UX and other functions to match customer needs.

Experience Positive Outcomes

  • Standardized & Integrated Process

    The overall process in shipping liner operations, which consists of asset register, business operation, and cost calculation, can be controlled by a single integrated system. Offers systematic process management by data standardization and centralized control.

  • Enhanced Automated System

    Improve the business process by simplification and automation of the work process.

  • Accurate Yield Management

    A sophisticated cost and revenue management regime facilitates shipping the right cargo for the right price via the optimum route for every booking made allows for benefits in profitability for shipping liners through the cost-based dynamic pricing service.

  • Actionable Big Data

    Various simulation functions and analysis report offers business insight which helps business decision-making and prediction of the future trend.

  • Provide Flexibility to Business Process

    Enhance the visibility and competitive power of shipping liners’ business by simplifying complex work.

  • Greater Visibility

    Enhanced data visibility provides quick and flexible responses in a dynamic business environment.


Capabilities and Features

  • Asset Management

    Carry out efficient asset management by registering ships, containers, and other equipment in the system.

  • Container Business Operation

    Offers management of the entire process related to the container business from shipment booking to destination arrival and provides competitive sales management through various simulations and visual aids.
    Supports shipment planning and execution considering the optimized sea/inland routes and regulation/constraint conditions.

  • Cost & Revenue Management

    Manage profits and cost incurred in each work process according to the trade between shipping carriers including joint operation and slot lease contracts. Improve profit by cost-based dynamic pricing service.

Video Highlights

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