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Total Advanced Billing System
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TABS is a billing automation solution that offers automated billing tasks for terminals and a 24/7 online service. Terminals throughout the world are making progress from semi-automated to fully-automated operations. Yet the billing work, which calculates the fees, remains complicated to be automated.

Terminal fees have a complex structure with different ratings for each customer. Due to the different fee systems in every single terminal, the billing tasks still depend on manual work, mostly due to the difficulty of automated system implementation.

TABS is the billing automation solution to achieve effective manpower utilization and increased task accuracy. TABS offers a 24/7 online service anywhere and at any time.

Experience Positive Outcomes

  • Prompt/High Accuracy of Billing

    Fast & Accurate Billing through the automated billing system.

  • Reduce Billing Cost

    Cost reduction in billing & effective resource allocation due to the decreased manual work.

  • Enhance Billing Visibility

    Increased visibility in significant tasks related to the billing due to the management of status and history.

  • One-Stop Digital Service

    Implement a One-stop digital service for the process in order release-billing-calculation-gate pass.

  • Cloud Service

    Secure the task continuity by the adoption of cloud service.

  • 24/7 Online Service

    Provides 24/7 online support service.


Capabilities and Features

  • Customer-wise Tariff

    Customer-wise tariff & contracts can be managed in TABS. Systematic contract management and contract modification history management can be achieved. In the system, various contract terms with shipping liners and special rates applied to specific shippers can be managed.

  • Billing Automation

    Automatically calculate most charges in the terminal, including basic loading and unloading charges, the customer-wise special rate applied charges, and ASR-related (Additional Service Request) charges.

  • Billing Simulation

    Simulate the estimated charges due to the specific date and service including storage costs and others.

  • Discount Request & History Management

    Customers can request discounted rates from the calculated rate based on e-Service. The requested discount request is processed through the system and manages the discount history.

  • ASR
    (Additional Service Request)

    Additional exceptional services can be requested, processed, and automatically calculated when requested in the system and offer basic services, including Reefer container’s Pre-Trip Inspection and Seal Change.

  • Offers Finance function

    Invoice processed status and outstanding status generated from TABS can be checked. Offers a set-up function for In-and-Out approval regarding the container that has remaining outstanding balances.

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