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Dangerous goods Management Solution
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Managing dangerous goods to prevent possible critical events has been a significant concern in the maritime industry. Safer and systematic management of dangerous goods has been recognized as a primary concern with the increase in shipping transportation and dangerous goods. OPUS DGL is a dangerous goods integration management solution specializing in managing dangerous goods during shipping transportation.

The function of automated management in special cargo has already been included in the shipping carrier operation system of CLT, such as ALLEGRO and OPUS Container. Yet, the solution capable of managing and conducting dangerous goods efficiently through DGL information of the last IMDG code and Pre-checking simulation on dangerous goods loading has been developed separately as the demand for dangerous goods management grows.

OPUS DGL is a specialized add-on solution for dangerous goods, which requires no change to the legacy operating system of the shipping carrier. Users can access the latest IMDG code, and library-type management in various local regulations through OPUS DGL’s dangerous goods specialized integration system.

Experience Positive Outcomes

  • Latest IMDG & Regulation Management

    Users have access to the latest IMDG Code and regulation information by providing management of the newest IMDG Code and local regulation in OPUS DGL.

  • Visibility of DG Shipment

    From the request of DG shipment to its approval, all detailed information regarding dangerous goods are managed under OPUS DGL solution. The customer has easy access to visibility for DG shipments.

  • Enhanced Customer Service for DG Shipment

    When is connected to the legacy system through API, it provides IMDG Code and Pre-checking simulation results, and also provides the function that shipping carriers exchange special cargo applications freely.


Capabilities and Features

  • IMDG Code

    Provides the latest IMDG Code information(DGL) in various types of files and API to the legacy system upon customers’ needs.

  • Local Regulation

    Provides a user-friendly environment and includes the various local regulations which need to be verified in advance for safer and proper management for not only shipping transportation line but also the other transportation lines.

  • Pre-checking (Simulation)

    Provides the simulation of vessel operation acceptability by using Shipping Carrier, Vessel, and Rules/Prohibition/Restriction information regarding Port of call and Terminal when booking dangerous/special cargo.

  • Application Auto Function

    Supports efficient application approval by an offered function of automated creation and approval of special cargo applications for users and partners, reply, validation and exchange.

  • DG Service Center

    Provides efficient management in an automated process in booking, verification, and approval and legacy system interface through DG service center function in OPUS DGL, which supports DG shipment application.


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