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Demurrage & Detention Management Solution (SaaS)
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OPUS D&D is a solution to automatically calculate demurrage and detention costs based on information about holidays (shipping companies and nations) and tariffs.
Over the last few years, demurrage and detention cost reduction has become a significant task for shipping operators due to the decrease in free time and increases in demurrage and detention rates. Traditionally, calculating demurrage and detention cost requires plenty of manual work due to the difficulties of automatic free time management, which needs the integration of information regarding holidays/weekends per country and tariff per the shipping company, and differences in cargo contract conditions per shipping company.

To overcome the given requirements and minimize demurrage and detention cost, OPUS D&D not only calculates the accurate cost automatically linked to the customer’s legacy system but also provide auditing per each billing. It also offers intuitive free time management by noticing D-day per shipment on the dashboard. With OPUS D&D, Logistics companies can efficiently operate complex manual work in demurrage & detention and reduction operating costs.

Experience Positive Outcomes

  • Easy Management of Free Time and Last Free Date

    Automatic calculation of free time and last free date per container level and its notice enables users convenient and systematic free time management.

  • Minimization of Demurrage and Detention Charge

    Provides the capability to take proactive action by offering alarm service before the end of free time. Reduction in operating costs can be expected through efficient free time management

  • Estimated Charge Simulation

    Provides automatic calculation of demurrage and detention charges based on the regularly updated tariff per shipping carrier. Estimates more accurate cost by extensive application customer-wise exceptional cases, and also offers auditing for its occurred cost.


Capabilities and Features

  • Easy Access to the Complex Tariff

    Provides the Demurrage and Detention Tariff information for major shipping lines and ports. - 11 Shipping lines for 23 countries (as of September 2021) – included Holiday and weekend information.

  • Exception by Contract Management

    Customer-wise exceptions can be managed by contract number from shipping lines with various conditions such as origin, commodity, and named account.

  • Charge Automation

    Automatically calculate free time, last free date, and charge amount at the container level. It includes commodity exceptions, a rate reflecting specific customer free time, and a timeline declared by terminals. Easily search each result on a different level (by the office, by Job reference number, and by container number).

  • Charge Simulation

    Simulate the estimated charges which occur due to the specific date and specific service, including storage cost and others.

  • Interface Monitoring Management

    Support standard API format to be connected with the legacy systems and allows for more convenient management of the interface information, which can be monitored in detail.

  • Intuitive UX and Service Desk

    Well-organized and intuitive design reduces the time and effort to use our solution. Our online service desk is ready to help you with inquiries to ensure smooth operation.

  • Fast and Stable Service

    Provide fast and stable service built on a Cloud-based service. Enabling the solution to be more secure and scalable than On-premise service.

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