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Document Auto Processing System
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Although many areas have been automated and datafication according to changes in industry, various types of handwritten documents, or documents not unified in the industrial process, still occupy a large portion.

SHINE is a solution that offers quick and accurate datafication and its management of the various types of documents created during the initial order and production, procurement and distribution, and customer purchase and service offered in all industrial fields. SHINE offers the conversion and saving of the document and provides a data interface with the customer’s legacy system. SHINE also suggests a new application plan through the analysis of accumulation data.

Experience Positive Outcomes

  • Optimize Workforce and Reduce Cost

    Obtain human resources minimization and cost reduction with automation in repeated document and digitization work.

  • Maximize Effectiveness & Accuracy

    Provide accurate data and optimized business processes through the optimized solutions offered for each business.

  • Flexible Customization & Redefinition

    Quickly and easily reflect new and modified requirements upon changing customers’ business circumstances.

  • Tightly Integrated with Legacy System

    Offers extracted data through document automation to the customer’s legacy system. Maintain the latest data through the various interface methods.


Capabilities and Features

  • SHINE with Annotation

    SHINE service recognizes various documents received in handwritten or irregular form and text extraction. It offers a faster and more accurate automatic extraction service by defining the target element in documents and standardizing the document format.

  • Extraction with OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

    Draw the necessary data from the document based on a text extraction engine with annotation definition and an OCR engine that utilize visual materials such as PDF/JPC, etc. Then, process it to the required form reflecting the customer’s business logic.

  • Verification with BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)

    Secure the data completion through contrast work between extracted data and original data. BPO Service for the customer demands more perfect results through extra verification by professional human resources.

  • Data Interface with Documentation Service

    Extracted and verified data can be connected to the customer’s legacy system in various ways, then offered application plan for the data by data analysis.

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  • Document auto processing system SHINE

Voice of Customer

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“I'm one of the verifiers who uses the SHINE. For the past few months, I saw improvement on using this tool. They provide enhancement from time-to-time in order to improve this tool and be effective for us especially in our productivity. For now, I can say that this tool will greatly affect our productivity and give us faster turnaround time and finish more documents within our working shift.”


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