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Bulk Shipping Solution
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OPUS Bulk is a business solution to support small and medium-sized bulk shipping companies’ strategic management and analyze their business results. Bulk shipping companies need to maximize operation efficiency by efficient process management and analysis of shipping data through digital transformation to cope with variability and uncertainty in the bulk business market.

OPUS Bulk provides operation process in charters & fixtures for bulk shipping companies and plan/budget appropriation and performance management in profit/cost analysis.
Provides improved overall profit and profit visibility as per the efficient management in operation cost and trade productivity enhancement to OPUS Bulk users. It also secures and utilizes the company’s intangible assets by centralized management of all data related to the business.

OPUS Bulk is an optimal solution to support strategic management and analyze its business results for bulk shipping business regardless of the company scale.

Experience Positive Outcomes

  • Efficient Bulk Operation and Fast & Easy Settlement Processing

    Process monthly and yearly settlements within 3 to 5 days through voyage-wise and fleet-wise systemic processing in bill settlement, voyage-wise calculation of fuel consumption based on the fuel remaining by the end of the month, and bill settlement in over costing and under costing as per the contract. Complete the following tasks within 10 minutes per vessel: automatic recognition in main shipping line movement, automatic updates C/B (Charter Base), and automated processing from registration to settlement.
    As per interworking with SOA, process the management in outstanding bond within 5 minutes per agent through real-time balance management, automatic offset disposal in case of settlement in chartering & substituting, and real-time bond balance management for the agent.


Capabilities and Features

  • Planning

    Budgeting and estimation capabilities facilitate revenue forecasting compared with fixtures and enable a timely profitability analysis.

  • Contract Management

    Centralize the management of all bulk and voyage contracts and fixtures, incorporating an electronic approval process to enforce data integrity and accuracy. Online fixtures are easily retrievable for swift traceability and invoicing status.

  • Operations & Analysis

    Manages, tracks, and analyzes end-to-end voyage data from voyage registration to settlement. Laytime calculation at each loading/discharging port will readily include computation of demurrage and dispatch charges.

  • Voyage Analysis Reports

    Vessel report system (VRS): By integrating all ship management systems (i.e. software deployed on the ship itself) and email parser engines, VRS helps receive actual voyage data from the vessel to ensure data accuracy and performance.

  • Bunker Manager

    Comprehensively covers the bunker supply and consumption, enabling accurate bunker inventory calculation between Delivery & Redelivery.

  • Operation Reports

    Receive reports sent from the main shipping line (Noon, Arrival, Departure, Daily Port, Shifting, Stoppage, Monthly ROB) by e-mail, and update and manage the necessary information for sailing payability bill.

  • Finance & Admin

    Incorporating AR invoicing and operating cost tracking to provide comprehensive revenue & expense management and reporting and to complete the automatic statement processing for monthly/yearly settlement.

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