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Freight Forwarding & Warehousing Solution
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CARIS is a web-based single platform that supports cargo/freight transportation, warehouse management, and global connectivity for Freight Forwarding, NVOCC, and 3PL companies.

CARIS support in business process flexibility, enhancement in transportation visibility, and cost reduction have become significant issues for forwarders and other parties in the logistics industry.

CARIS, designed to standardize and integrate the entire process, provides effortless adjustment of the work process in booking, stock transportation and receiving stock, custom declaration, and financial/performance report.

Experience Positive Outcomes

  • Improves Communication

    Secure the accuracy and visibility between stakeholders by data sharing and data exchange.

  • Streamlines Process

    Improve transparency by reducing repeated processes and manual work in compliance with a partner company’s working environment and business process.

  • Flexible Architecture

    Easily configure per business rule with an open architecture and the latest technology.

  • Adaptable

    Support customer success through customized effective operations.


Capabilities and Features

  • Integrated End-to-End Freight Forwarding System

    Web-based architecture offers easy performance improvement through planning and supports efficient work automation.

  • Web-based Single Instance

    Offers simple and efficient data management and exchange in a standardized platform.

  • Accounting for Sales Bookkeeping

    Management of major accounting data in a standardized environment by managing financial transactions based on superior standards.

  • Warehouse Inventory Management

    Provide visibility and control function in stocks for 3PL/4PL logistics suppliers.

  • Global Connections through SmartLink EDI Platform

    Enhance the visibility in transportation and Support the cooperation efficiently between customers and partnering companies.

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  • Transform your Business with CARIS - Our all-new forwarding solution


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