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Carriers collaboration solution
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CARA is an integration platform to help enhance communication and cooperation between shipping carriers. None of the shipping carriers supply tonnage and use space autonomously. Every shipping carrier maintains a joint operation and alliance collaboration structure in slot selling/purchase and slot swap by collaboration with other shipping carriers.

Ocean carriers pursue the expansion in frequency and coverage by promoting and maintaining collaboration between ocean carriers. Also, it is expanding its range through collaboration with regional specialized shipping carriers.

CARA supports maintaining schedule sharing, slot amount confirmation and sharing, slot price confirmation and sharing, and various strategic collaborations between different shipping carriers.

Experience Positive Outcomes

  • Efficient Communication Between Shipping Carriers

    Prepare the base for slot price calculation based on the actual schedule or Proforma schedule by sharing the provided schedule from the vessel operator between shipping carriers optionally. Decide and share the slot price per vessel-wise/shipping carrier’s BSA and vessel-wise/shipping-wise/carrier-wise/direction-wise, and collect the loading performance for each port of call as per vessel-wise/shipping carrier-wise/direction-wise.

  • Efficient Settlement Alliance Operation based on Profitability

    Possible to calculate special cargo and overused slots based on the above-stated data. After that, the shipping carrier can use it for settlement preparation and offer estimated cost and profit calculations by collaborating between shipping liners separately.


Capabilities and Features

  • Vessel Schedule Inquiry

    When the collaboration between shipping carriers occurs as per the contract, such as Joint operation contracts, Slot lease contracts, it offers a verification function to vessel operator shipping carrier and slot allocation shipping carrier simultaneously.

  • Contracts Setup

    Contract management in Slot swap and joint operation between shipping carriers.

  • BSA Generation

    Calculating various types of BSA (Slot swap amount between shipping carriers) each voyage-wise and its confirmation.

  • Slot Price Generation

    Calculation management function each voyage-wise slot cost (Slot Hire, Slot Price) in a various way.

  • Loading Performance Collection

    When cargo is loaded in excess of BSA or special cargo is loaded, it offers the function of adding the settlement amount between shipping carriers to the structural cost.

  • Estimates the Future Cost

    A function that creates monthly settlement results between the shipping carriers and estimates cost and profit by slot swap in the future.

Video Highlights

  • A multi-tenanted carrier collaboration platform


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