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Two Steps to Essential Visibility for Terminal Operators 2021-01-14

In today’s world, visibility facilitates real-time awareness and acute foresight. In addition to empowering terminals with the ability to respond swiftly to any situations, whether to fix the problem or to seize an opportunity, visibility can also be used to predict outcomes and avert downtime or potential pain points, thus boosting daily operations.

In the terminal business, where yard activities and cargo management are complex and dynamic, full visibility is critical, whether in 2D or 3D. For instance, smart Terminal Operating System (TOS) gives a clear view of cargo properties while advanced zoom functions provide important data that may be easily overlooked by the human eyes.

Where terminals once operated by manual entries, it is no longer sustainable in today’s market. Visibility of yard operations is now an essential requirement to stay aligned with the rest of the industry, and there are two vital steps to reach operational transparencies.

The First Step

The first thing to consider is standardization — streamline operational processes, consolidate digital systems, centralized data sharing and automate core workflows.

Adopting standardization enables terminals to optimize real-time work. Standardization will allow insights into daily operational processes to monitor disruptions or exceptions, track cargo locations, optimize shipping schedules and eventually build customer service. Information that points to inefficiencies can be quickly picked up to avoid potential disruptions as they are flagged out to operations personnel. This will minimize unnecessary costs and schedule delays, and effectively manage carbon footprint.

The Next Step

As the global dependency on information sharing grows rapidly, therein lies the next step to develop best practices — engaging technology.

Businesses can easily standardize and integrate all processes to coordinate workflows, from bookings, inventory shipping and receiving to customs filing, accounting and performance reporting. Through a single-point platform, the solution supports process flexibility, improves movement visibility and reduces costs.

Digital transformation is not just about technology, artificial intelligence and automation. It will bring changes and new challenges not only to the structure but also the culture of the organization. Naturally, security and privacy concerns will also be of high priority as they affect the throughput and integrity of the business.

So how can companies safely and effectively harness the benefits of technology?

Engage industry experts and solution consultants. Get an operational health check and recommendations tailored for your unique business operations.

While change is inevitable, it should not be intimidating. With the right knowledge, suitable technology, and a positive mindset, these are tools that will help to ease the transition of change and propel business operations towards manifold returns on investment.

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