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CyberLogitec recognized as the top 50 Companies to watch in 2021 by The CEO Views 2021-04-06

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CyberLogitec was established in 2000, but the company’s experience in the industry dates back to the 1970s where its solutions were initially developed to solve the needs of a large South Korean shipping group, which it was once a part  of. In 2000, the company’s strong solutions and development capability led to a decision to spin-off CyberLogitec and promote its solutions commercially to players in the international maritime, ports, and logistics space. The organization  delivered its first TOS (Terminal Operating System) in that year and has been steadily growing in its solution suite to  cover the needs of maritime, port, and logistics companies throughout the globe ever since. CyberLogitec now counts  more than 150 companies as its customers worldwide. In 2017, noting the global footprint the company had amassed and to service  the significant new partnership they had entered into with the shipping giant ONE, the group established CyberLogitec Global as its  Global Commercial Headquarters in Singapore. The location chosen for its reputation as a gateway to global markets and one of  the most important maritime hubs in the world. 

CyberLogitec has been recognized as one of the 50  Innovative Companies of the year 2021 and some may  say this was a long time coming. For more than two  decades, CyberLogitec has worked with shipping lines,  terminals, and logistics providers to optimize their  business operations and processes through flexible,  end-to-end solutions and business consulting services.  “Unlike many other providers to the industry, CyberLogitec not only brings the technical know-how but  backs it up with rich experience working within the industry  ensuring we understand our customer’s needs from the  perspective of their business,” said Tevin Hyung-Chol Choi, MD of CyberLogitec Global. Over the years,  CyberLogitec has continually worked to understand the  evolving needs of their customers and refine their product  offerings to meet those needs. This has required employing advanced technologies to stay ahead of the  curve. Nowadays, the latest technologies such as  machine learning and IoT integration are incorporated into  CyberLogitec’s proprietary heuristic engine that powers  many of the features in its OPUS range of products. 

CyberLogitec has proven to be a pioneer in the industry,  helping their customers overcome challenges and hurdles they face running large, complex businesses. Terminal  and Maritime operations are extremely data-driven.  Hence the company aims to tackle efficiency through  integrated solutions designed to unlock the value of the  data the business creates to minimize manual labor or  work duplications and algorithmically plan more effective  operations. On top of the features expected within a  conventional TOS, its solutions can help customers run  unstructured document analysis, ensure operations  throughout the terminal are running at optimal efficiency,and proactively track KPIs to determine and deal with  process leakages. These features are coupled with its  commitment to meet and exceed expectations through  reliable service delivery, by meeting deadlines and  adding value to their partners through comprehensive consultancy services. CyberLogitec solutions can also  automate both simple and complex tasks faced by  terminals such as Advanced Yard Planning (AYP) which  automates yard planning and identifies the most suitable locations for cargo, and Advanced Housekeeping (AHK)  which ensures the yard is kept orderly based on the most  efficient use of terminal assets and with minimal manual  interference. With its innovative platforms such as OPUS  Terminal, the organization is confident in helping  terminals reach their full business potential in digitizing  operations for its continued success. 

CyberLogitec and its team are focused on future  innovation. The company is constantly working to integrate emerging technologies such as blockchain and  artificial intelligence into its offerings. In terms of internal expansion, CyberLogitec already has a presence in all  the major global business hubs. Its location in Singapore  is a strategic one too, as the Republic has a high  concentration of shipping lines, feeders, bulkers, and logistics firms, which earned its recognition as a leading  maritime nation. 

CyberLogitec has recently launched two new divisions dedicated to the advancement of digital smart ports. Its  TOS is enhanced with AI technology using IoT inputs and predictive analysis of collected data.These technologies  provide greater visibility of patterns in day-to-day  operations, identify potential safety concerns or  downtime proactively, and ultimately lead to better  planning with the aid of detailed predictions which will  not only bring greater efficiency but also help terminals  align to digital standards and increase collaboration  between various parties within the industry. 


CyberLogitec has proved successful in increasing  productivity levels in the industry and helping their clients  come out of any challenge stronger. One recent example  is the partnership with The Apical Group, an edible-oils  manufacturer in Indonesia, to implement OPUS Terminal  and its latest liquid bulk features at their terminal in Balikpapan. Through the project, the port operator has  been able to speed up decision making using real-time  operating data instead of traditional manual methods of  managing jetty operations and checking valves– a much more time-consuming and resource-intensive approach. CyberLogitec was selected as the best partner to help  them with supply chain traceability,as well as ensuring  that operations can be performed at peak efficiency.  Experience has shown that the OPUS Terminal TOS can be the catalyst to boost overall productivity and  efficiency for CyberLogitec’s customers while  contributing towards the customer’s drive for a more sustainable ecosystem.This year the organization has also implemented OPUS Terminal at Super Terminais in  Manaus Brazil. A great example of a remote  implementation with the project team based in Asia, it is  helping them boost productivity, improve the accuracy of  container inventory, and achieve higher overall  operational efficiency with the help of the advanced  container terminal features in OPUS Terminal. The  company also ensures the current customers are  continually cared for. Last year, it also helped a South Korean terminal operator to upgrade to its latest version of OPUS Terminal originally implemented in 2010. After  this TOS upgrade, the client has been operating stably,  improving the efficiency and convenience of operations  for operators. With these recent improvements in  conventional features of OPUS terminal combined with  Advanced Modules, the organization has implemented  and optimized processes through its Remote Go-Live  approach to ensure the safety of employees and associates during this pandemic which ensures the  clients’ timelines are met while operational disruptions  are kept to a minimum in spite of the ongoing travel  restrictions and social distancing guidelines. 

CyberLogitec’s proven in-depth industry knowledge,experience and innovation has led towards its position  as a leading provider of tech solutions covering the entire  transportation network. Today, its focus on TOS solutions  helps small ports bridge the efficiency gap to their larger  peers and prepares them for making the smart port  transition through advanced and future-proof features.  The industry is constantly changing and the past year  has been no different in that regard. CyberLogitec  continues to challenge itself to reinvent and be ready for  the new normal. As it begins to further introduce AI  technology and IoT integration into its product line-up,CyberLogitec is entrenching its leadership position by  widening its solutions suite,enabling it to explore new markets and opportunities. At CyberLogitec, their vision is  to be the industry’s partner choice for success and to help  steer customers towards a more automated and  optimized future. 


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