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SmartLink (1) Pros of data integration by SmartLink 2023-09-01

The logistics industry is experiencing rapid change. Block-chain-based logistics networks such as TradeLens, GSBN started springing up, and the Japanese government initiated the CyberPort network. With the appearance of various types of logistics networks, the logistics industry landscape is changing drastically.

Instead of the ship investments, the shipping liners have initiated the investment in technology to provide integrated services for logistics data. Hence, the proportion of technology investment increases gradually.

Mega shipping liners have initiated a new type of data service based on the latest technology, and shipping liners like MSC and CMA-CGM are making a profit by data service offerings. With the increase in complexity of technology and the difficulty of customers’ requirements, the viable solution to respond flexibly to the change in the logistics industry is growing in importance.  

In compliance with the logistics industry change, adopting a data integration system or service is inevitable. The SmartLink platform is the rightful solution to achieve the role.

SmartLink is a cloud-based logistics data integration platform that connects all systems and applications simultaneously.


Please refer to how SmartLink offers below to improve limit points and achieve new value.  

SmartLink provides low-cost, high-efficiency system by SaaS service, increasing management efficiency.

First of all, it has a significant advantage in the cost-effective side. The cost of the capital-related data center, servers, and software, which includes initial installation costs, could be reduced, and cloud service that costs as much as customer use could also reduce the cost. Cost-effective but offers a more powerful function compared to the existing on-promise products. It provides an intuitive and easy-to-use UI and offers seamless service by multi-zone composition.

Additionally, the management efficiency increases as per the reduction in maintenance area. SmartLink would minimize managerial work, including unnecessary upgrades and patches, and the related infra-operation resources would be minimized. Previously existing solutions were mainly installation-type solutions, so they required direct management for both software and hardware by the customers. Yet, SmartLink manages both itself. It does not require maintenance of software and hardware as well as initial installation costs. Hence, it gives enhanced management efficiency and relatively outstanding quality and technology compared to the previously existing solutions. Being able to respond flexibly to change in the market would be one of the significant advantages of SaaS service.

SmartLink provides the upgraded function and improves user convenience by offering an intuitive and easy-to-use setup User Interface. It supports various communication protocols and adapters compared to the solutions offering basic communication protocols. It provides multiple communication protocols, such as AS2 and MQ which are used for transmitting data, and various adapters that can be utilized for data extraction and integration from the system. SmartLink offers a communication protocol and DB Adapter which can extract and integrate the data in ERP and Application systems, and Document Adapter which can extract the data from PDF files. By these functions stated above, customers could benefit from sharing data with many logistics partners and the customer’s legacy system integration. Besides that, SmartLink offers multiple tools for cooperation/development and business process automation technology.



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