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SmartLink (2) API function of SmartLink 2023-09-13

SmartLink could process the data efficiently by offering an intuitive setup function to connect various logistics networks. Responding promptly and flexibly to the demand for new technology by the market helps customers process the data and connect the network smoothly.SmartLink supports the various types of API connections. It’s known that many shipping liners are considering connecting the logistics networks such as GSBN, CyberPort, and others. For joining a logistics network like GSBN and CyberPort, API connection is indispensable, and various authentication systems and Callback functions must be supported. SmartLink supports the function of API connection and different authentication systems like Oauth 2.0 and Bearer Token, and it also gives the capability to transform and modify API messages by the Callback function.

Let’s see the case of eBL in GSBN. For more effective and secure transactions to process logistics and transportation work, it’s known that the shipping liners are currently looking into eBL installation. A comprehensive eBL process exists to handle a series of processes, such as the creation, recording, and payment of eBL, and it needs to be connected to various logistics parties such as GSBN, IQAX to handle the process. It requires technical support like 0Auth 2.0 to manage API authentication during the process.

After all, to cope with generated documents and messages during the logistics process from the shipper to the consignee efficiently, various types of networks will appear in the market, and the technology required will become complicated. 

Thirdly, the service area can be expanded by offering an API Portal. Mega shipping liners like MSC, CMA-CGM transform owned data into standardized logistics data and offer Data Feed service by API Portal.

With the recent change in paradigm, shipping liners have changed their investment strategy to increase the investment in data integration and data service instead of their previous investment for the vessels. Shipping liners use their data to serve standardized and reliable logistics data. Then they provide a Data Feed service to the partners through API Portal. Mega shipping liners generate business revenue through real-time API data offerings. Eventually they propose new digital value by gaining a competitive edge.

SmartLink provides an API Portal function following a change in logistics service trends. By interfacing between SmartLink and the Shipping liner’s operation legacy system, it digitizes logistics data generated from the shipping liner’s legacy system, then gains a competitive edge in business by providing real-time API data to the customers. 

To begin with, internal events such as Schedule, visibility and BL occurring from the Shipping liner’s operation legacy system can be provided in the form of API data. SmartLink platform receives the internal data occurring from the system, then modifies the data into desired form according to the purpose of the service, and after that provides Data Feed service to the customers such as F/F, Terminal, and Shipper by API Portal.

The shipping liner’s expansion of service area by API Portal function it has the benefits as follows,

- Participate in logistics service digitization trend by providing customer’s desired data through API.

- Provide reliable service by standardizing logistics data and generate business revenue by utilizing owned data.

- Propose the new digital value by technology convergence with collected external data. 

Speaking more about the technology convergence with collected external data, customers need the most information: transport information.

Despite that, customers expect the arrival time of freights to meet the Berthing schedule compliance rate to the port is influenced by various factors. Hence, internal process improvement is necessary to increase the Berthing schedule compliance rate at the port. Qualitative growth of service can be achieved by real-time sharing of modified Estimated time of arrival, which is calculated based on updated vessel’s location when utilizing improvement in internal data and collected external data such as AIS data. 

SmartLink solution can be summed up in one word: link. SmartLink is a platform that links customers, logistics partners, data, networks, technologies, and even businesses.
We live in an age where anything is possible with a single touch.
Technology is constantly evolving, and people are getting more comfortable, but, the ability to endure inconveniences and overcome difficulties is declining. As per the development of technology, there’s a lot to win and lose.
It may be the right direction to participate in the game and to go along with the time stream flexibly if embracing the digitization trend and catching up with the development of technology are beneficial for the company.

Author: Daehee Lee (Business Consultant, CyberLogitec)

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