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CyberLogitec implemented automated vessel stowage planning solution ‘OPUS Stowage Prime’ in Namsung Shipping 2022-09-06


Seoul, 21, Sep, 2022 - CyberLogitec, the subsudiary of EUSU HOLDINGS, that leads the provider of maritime, port/terminal, and logistic technologies has announced that Namsung Shipping has selected CyberLogitec's OPUS Stowage Prime and completed the implementation in July 2022.

Namsung Shipping used CyberLogitec's stowage plan solution named OPUS Stowage as a vessel loading planning system ever since 2012. The OPUS Stowage Prime solution which is added automated stowage planning module has been introduced to overcome complex constraints and increased workload in loading planning due to mega-ship trend.

Applied OPUS Stowage Prime Stowage solution is the next generation automated engine adopted intelligent algorithm integration to generate vessel loading plan automatically as per the loading rule, vessel stability, order of ports of call, special cargo allocation, ballast water optimization, etc.

Considering limited access to professional vessel planners who served as a navigator, automated vessel planning module of OPUS Stowage Prime solution offers the benefits of preventing human errors such as shortened work time in loading planning, malfunction in dangerous cargo loading. It also supports shortened work time in loading planning and work process to maximize productivity in loading and unloading through an interface to a legacy system.

"OPUS Stowage Prime provides the indispensable application function in not only vessel planning work but also various report functions utilized loading plan information. Especially, automated stowage planning through optimized engine has advanced to practical level at actual work for the first time in the world. Through offered function, we expect to achieve maximized vessel planning work efficiency in Namsung Shipping" said Sung-joon Kim, Vice President of CyberLogitec.


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