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CyberLogitec completed successful implementation of OPUS Terminal at Qinzhou Automated Container Terminal of Beibu Gulf Port Group in China 2022-12-07


Seoul, 06 December, 2023 - CyberLogitec, the leading provider of maritime, port/terminal, and logistics operations technologies and a subsidiary of EUSU Holdings, announced that OPUS Terminal had been successfully implemented at Qinzhou Automated Container Terminal, constructed by Beibu Gulf Port Group(BGPG) on 28th June 2022.


Qinzhou Automated Container Terminal, a mega terminal in China, is the world’s first U-type Full Automated Terminal, which offers unmanned operation for all the equipment in the terminal. CyberLogitec has successfully implemented I-AGV (Intelligent Guided Vehicle) procedures earlier than the planned period, built on the accumulated R&D knowledge regarding ARMGC (Automated Rail Mounted Gantry Crane) and STS (Ship To Crane) technologies in semi-automatic container terminals


Qinzhou Automated Container Terminal has been operating two berths in 1st phase since the opening. Until the 2nd phase berth expansion scheduled in the end of 2023, CyberLogitec will continuously focus on safety level that BGPG seeks to achieve in full automated terminal, development of advanced features such as AI-based intelligent forecast plan and operation which are targeted for high productivity and low cost operation and enhancement in terminal productivity.


 “CyberLogitec’s technological capability in implementing Full-Automation terminal has been tested sufficiently with BGPG project. To offer fast and stable supply for various types of equipment and terminal operation procedure following the trend of global port terminals, CyberLogitec will take the lead in the implementation of a smart terminal operating system.”, said Jeong Min Son, Vice President of CyberLogitec.



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