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CyberLogitec begin offering data integration service by SmartLink 2023-10-27

Oct 23, Seoul - CyberLogitec, the leading provider of maritime, port/terminal, and logistics operations technologies and a subsidiary of EUSU Holdings, announced that they have commenced offering Data Integration service through SmartLink, in line with the current industry trend of transitioning towards online trade transactions through blockchain-based electronic bill of lading processes.


CyberLogitec has noted that when organizations undertake automation initiatives, they often face challenges in defining the scope or are concerned about the costs. In response to the issues, CyberLogitec is offering data integration services to assist the companies.


By the utilization of SmartLink’s data integration service, Customers could connect not only EDI but also API with various authentication methods such as Oauth 2.0, Bearer Token, etc., and enhanced efficiency and cost reduction could be achieved with the adoption of document & system automation through electronic process integration. To utilize the Bills of Landing platform(eBL) service in Global Shipping Business Network (GSBN), CyberPort, API connection is indispensable due to low readability in EDI, which was in use previously. On the other hand, fast and easy data integration with logistics partners, such as online platforms, customs declaration, warehouses, etc. would be achievable with SmartLink service presented by CyberLogitec. Although these online platforms have complicated processes, such as blockchain security authentication, many shipping liners and logistics companies overseas have already completed their adoption.


Data integration helps manage all aspects of the logistics business, like signing up for online platforms, handling shipments, dealing with electronic data, filling out customs paperwork, and tracking cargo. It's known for real-time work processing through data connections with partners and customers. They also provide vessel ETA prediction by utilizing real-time connections between AIS data and shipping liner data to assist logistics stakeholders in getting the estimated arrival date of their shipments.


Integrating various systems from shipping liner/customs/warehouse/customer’s ERP in accordance with maritime and logistics processes is complicated, while the biggest advantage of SmartLink is that it can interface data from multiple systems in one place. Considering the fact that general IT services frequently cause problems in maritime, logistics processes due to their complicated and difficult-to-understand nature, problem-free processing could be achieved with CyberLogitec, which has in-depth experience in various projects. In addition, 24/7 helpdesk is available anytime and anywhere.


CyberLogitec recently announced that a free trial of SmartLink’s data integration service is possible, and the various payment options, such as the processing document-wise and monthly payments, would also be possible as well. Customers may request the inquiry regarding SmartLink’s data integration service to CyberLogitec’s website (




About CyberLogitec

CyberLogitec empowers the global supply chain with innovative technologies that address operational challenges, improve visibility, and meet industry demands. As a worldwide leader in the maritime, port, and logistics industry, our flexible, end-to-end solutions and consulting services help the industry adapt quickly to the market's evolving needs.



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