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Tecon Santos goes live with CyberLogitec's OPUS Terminal 2023-10-27

Tecon Santos, the largest and one of the most efficient container terminals in South America, managed by Santos Brasil at the Port of Santos, began operations with the OPUS – TOS (Terminal Operating System) software from CyberLogitec, a specialized South Korean company in technological operational solutions for logistics terminals. With this, it takes a leap forward in the modernization and unification of container operations, ensuring an improvement in the Company's service level, planning and productivity.

Chosen for its ease of integration with new technologies, the new TOS enables the terminal to operate equipment with cutting-edge technologies, which includes the use of OCRs (optical character recognition), remotely controlled equipment, digital simulations Twin and artificial intelligence. Furthermore, it consolidates the operation with real-time data, guaranteeing accurate information to the Company's Operational Control Center.

"It is a tool that allows for more modern management of the entire operation, integrating digital technologies, machines and people. We have greater agility and precision in day-to-day decision-making, reducing waste and increasing the efficiency of the terminal", says Ricardo Miranda , Director of Technology at Santos Brasil.

The migration to the new platform, which was also implemented at Tecon Vila do Conde, managed by the Company in Barcarena (PA), began in April 2021 and involved the mobilization of teams from both terminals in training and adaptation to Santos activities Brazil.

The TOS change is part of an investment of more than R$40 million made in the exchange of software and equipment that will allow greater use of digital technologies in the planning and operation of terminals to further increase their efficiency in order to serve customers more quickly. customers. The objective is to make the Company's port terminals ready to meet the growth in demand.

Investments in technology and systems occur in parallel with investments in infrastructure and equipment that the Company has been making in its terminals. In Vila do Conde, R$120 million is being invested in expansion works and the purchase of new equipment, with the aim of increasing the terminal's capacity by almost 40%, from 217 thousand TEUs/year to 300 thousand TEUs/year. At Tecon Santos, Santos Brasil acquired two state-of-the-art portainers (quay cranes) and eight electric E-RTGs (yard cranes), which are part of the terminal's expansion and modernization project, which will have an increased capacity of 2, 4 million TEUs/year to 2.6 million in 2023 and to 3 million TEUs/year in 2031. 



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